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Garage door repair

Dandenong Garage Door Repairs

D & D Garage Doors provide reliable garage door repairs in Dandenong and the surrounding areas. Whether your garage door is out of order or damaged, our professional technicians can tackle all kinds of repairs to bring your garage door to life in no time.

Most garage door repairs must be performed by trained technicians or someone who has sound mechanical knowledge. If the garage doors of your Dandenong property seem to give you trouble, contact D & D Garage Doors right away.

If you do not have the equipment or the ability to work safely, avoid risking your life. Be sure to call our Dandenong roller doors specialists. The cost of hiring an experienced technician is trivial compared to the possible personal injury or damage to your garage door/property.

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Unmatched Garage Door Repairs

Our garage door repairs in Dandenong are simply unmatched. We only use high quality parts and spares as part of our services. Our technicians are fully trained, accredited and have years of experience. Our repair technicians arrive at your doorstep equipped with the tools and the skills to handle even the most difficult repair jobs. We begin with an in-depth inspection to understand the problem. Our repair technician will explain the issue to you and the solution/parts required to fix the problem. If there are multiple options for repair, the technician will explain each alternative in detail and provide sound advice on choosing the best. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we assure you of a professional, reliable and affordable garage doors repair service in Dandenong.

Our Repair and Maintenance Services

Are you aware that your garage door needs servicing at least once a year? Regular maintenance can help prevent unexpected repairs and problems from occurring, improving the life of your garage door. Here at D & D Garage Doors, we not only repair all makes and models of garage doors including roller doors, but we also offer preventive maintenance and servicing to keep your garage doors in top condition at all times. We can also schedule a preventive maintenance schedule so your Dandenong roller doors operate smoothly while reducing the chances of repair and breakdown. With a preventive garage door maintenance service, our technician can keep an eye for things that could go wrong and nip them in the bud before they turn troublesome. This way, our technician will also identify any parts that are nearing their lifecycle and advise you of replacing them before they cause trouble.

Our services include:

    • General repairs
    • 24/7 emergency garage door repairs
    • Motor replacement
    • Automatic gate repairs
    • Garage door remote repair
    • Maintenance and servicing

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