Garage Door Spring Replacement


Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

At D & D Garage Doors, we provide fast and affordable garage door spring replacement and repair services in Melbourne. We take great pride in our efficient customer service and the quality of our products and we strive to get your door up and running in no time.

We understand how difficult things can become when the garage door springs aren’t functioning well. Torsion springs are an important part of your garage door. They take up the weight of your garage doors when they open or close and are designed to ensure the garage doors can be manually operated effortlessly.

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Signs of Garage Door Spring Replacement

There are many signs that indicate that a garage door spring is damaged. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to consider garage door spring replacement:

    • The door isn’t opening all the way.
    • The garage door cables are slack or loose.
    • The garage door doesn’t open easily and feels really heavy.
    • The door is crooked.
    • The door opens just a few inches.
    • There’s a visible gap in the torsion spring.
    • The door falls rapidly when it’s coming down.
    • The door is shaky when it opens and closes.
    • There’s a loud bang coming from your garage.

Garage Door Spring Replacement – Our Process

Our technicians release springs in sets. This precautionary measure ensures the safety of your garage door. When the first spring breaks, the remaining spring takes all the load, putting a lot more tension it is used to. This will significantly weaken the steel coil.

Once the broken spring is replaced, the surviving spring has to match up to the efficiency of the new spring and as a result, will break eventually.

If you have a broken panel spring, we need some basic information to be able to bring suitable replacement springs. Torsion springs are chosen based on the weight and the height of your door. Ideally, we would like to know the diameter, the length and the wire size of the broken spring. If you can’t find this information, knowing the height, brand and the width of the door will provide us enough detail to bring suitable replacement springs.

If you’ve got broken tilt door springs, let us know how many springs are on the door in total and whether the tilt door is a jamb or track type tilt door. This will help us to decide what type of springs and how many springs to bring along.

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Here at D & D Garage Doors, we are garage door repair specialists. Our technicians have years of experience and specialise in garage door spring replacement.

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