Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

D & D Garage Doors provide high quality garage door maintenance service in Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs. We specialise in providing general and preventive maintenance service for all makes and models of garage doors.

As your garage door servicing specialists, we assure you of fixing all kinds of problems and keeping your garage door in top condition. Whether you have a jammed door or broken torsion springs, we will thoroughly inspect your garage doors to identify issues and problems that need attention.

Benefits of Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors are an important part of your property. The garage door is the most common entry point to your house and is used several times a day. Being one of the largest objects in your property with several moving parts, it’s important to maintain your garage doors well.

Seasonal changes and regular use can wear out and even damage some of the parts. Here are some crucial benefits of regular garage door maintenance and servicing:

    • Detect faults in your garage door and door opener before it causes a huge problem.
    • Avoid accidents that are caused by faulty garage doors.
    • Prevent any damage to your vehicle.
    • Avoid expensive repairs.
    • Timely upgrades help improve the security of your property.
    • Improve the life of your garage door.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We are garage door maintenance specialists with over 20 years of experience under our belt. We have built a reputation for providing stellar customer care, the highest standards of service and an unmatched experience. When you contact us to request a service, expect a quick and prompt response. No matter where you are in Melbourne, whether you are looking for our same day servicing or an emergency response, we’ve got you covered.

Our Process

Once you contact us to schedule a service, we will provide an estimate and schedule a visit at a time that’s convenient to you. Our service technicians will arrive at your door at the appointed time and day.

Our technician will begin with an inspection to identify any problems that need immediate attention and possible problems that may arise in the future. He will then explain the servicing process and the parts that need replacing, if any.
Not only do we fix any imminent threats but we will also ensure your garage door doesn’t spring up any sudden problems in the future.

Contact Us Today

Regular servicing and maintenance of your garage door will help extend its life, reduce the risk of any operational failures and prevent the need for expensive repairs. With our top of the line solutions, you can steer clear of any problems and issues.

Here at D & D Garage Doors, we use high quality tools, parts and techniques to keep your garage doors in top form. If your garage doors require professional servicing, contact us today. Call 0412 900 910 to speak to schedule an appointment.